iFocus [Capsules for Vision]
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The main condition for normal vision is elasticity of the crystalline lens. Unfortunately, this ability is diminished under the influence of many factors:

AgeToo much strain on the eyes

Various pathological processes (often inflammatory)

Insufficient blood supply

Myasthenia gravis and muscle weakness.

Causes of poor visioning :

  • The muscular system focuses the eyes in such a way that the image passing through the eye lens is projected onto the retina.
  • Eye muscle disorder results in insufficient or excessive squeezing of the eyeball.
  • The lens is deformed and the focus is distorted, so you can’t see clearly anymore.

Ingredient of iFocus :

iFocus – is a nutrient complex of natural extracts that have a directional effect in case of vision reduction and completely eliminate the most common diseases of the human eye.

  • Lutein – protects the retina from various outside influences
  • Zeaxanthin – helps keep eye muscles healthy and reduce fatigue
  • Vitamins – improve eye clarity
  • Minerals – strengthen eye capillaries and eye veins

It is the only product that regulates the function of the eyeball muscles, helping to restore the focus and regain clear, bright, and three-dimensional vision.

Needs of iFocus :

Poor and low vision

Various diseases and pathologies of the visual apparatus.

Frequent burning feeling, grittiness, redness of the eyes.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses.

If you have headaches which many regard as migraine or high blood pressure.

Quick eye fatigue and overall decrease in performance.

If you have genetic predisposition, your family suffer from vision problems.

Benefits of iFocus :

  • Relieves inflammation, tension, dryness and irritation,
  • enhances visual acuity, strengthens the retina of the eye,
  • stimulates nerve synapses which provide clear vision,
  • enhances the responsiveness of muscles to stress, reduces and prevents hypertonicity,
  • ensures the proper focus of the eye lens,
  • strengthens capillary blood circulation,
  • eliminates the risk of developing dangerous eye diseases,
  • normalises blood pressure in the fundus of the eye

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